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If you are reading this then you must feel tired all the time and would like to regain your energy. You are not alone. How many times have you heard, not only yourself, but so many others say how tired they are. It seems to be so much more common these days.

How tired are you, really?

• If you sit still do you find yourself feeling sleepy?

• Does reading make you feel sleepy?

• Does watching TV make you feel sleepy?

• Are you prone to take naps?

• Do find yourself telling everyone how tired you are?

• Do you have desires but just don’t have the energy for them?

• Do you have difficulty concentrating?

• Do you feel mentally cloudy?

• Do you feel tired even though you haven’t done anything?

How would you answer this question: I’m so tired that…..

Does this describe you?

 Red eyes

 Yawning all the time

 Bags under your eyes

 Dead on your feet

 Drowsy

 Burned out

 Worn out

 Exasperated

 Run down

 Empty

 Drained

 Lethargic

 Fatigued

 Weary

 Bone tired

 Short tempered

 No patience

 Irritable

 No motivation

 Not yourself

 Unhappy


Full Definition of TIRED:  Meriam-Webster puts it this way….

Image of Puppy: Tired All the Time
Dog Tired: When You’re Tired All The Time.


1. drained of strength and energy : fatigued often to the point of exhaustion

2. obviously worn by hard use : run-down



The good news is, for most people, the reasons are very common and the solutions are easily remedied.

You’re probably just too tired all the time though, to do any research on your own to learn how to regain your energy.

So, I’ve tried to help by finding some really good sources of information for you.

I spent a lot of time scouring the internet to learn about this issue for myself and was able to discover a variety of reasons that cause fatigue and excessive tiredness.

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Image Happy Dog: You Can Regain Your Energy
You Can Regain Your Energy!

You don’t have to be tired all the time and you can regain your energy once you know the root cause of it.

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I know you’re tired and wore out which is why you need to do this.

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